Within the past 50 years society's challenges have become more complex and deeply-entrenched than ever before. Establishment non-profits have tried to fix these problems, but they have not been able to as the system itself may be broken. They need help.

Through the idea of Social Enterprise, wise and compassionate leaders have created a model approach to combat social challenges by combining the mission of non-profits with the strength of business to provide a more lasting impact.

Social Enterprise Conference 2016 is a day-long seminar hosted by Palm Beach Atlantic University in collaboration with HelpedHope.com. Through a series of panels, attendees will learn the concept of Social Enterprise and various models whereby it succeeds in both overall business revenue and community contribution. The panelists themselves are among some of the most prominent and brilliant founders, executives, and innovators in the fields of Social Enterprise, Impact Investing, Real Estate, and Addiction. By getting like-minded leaders together, we hope to impart knowledge on the students, local business leaders, and entrepreneurs to help them create and sustain a corporate culture distinguished by a strong commitment to social responsibility.

#SocEntConf2016: Uniting for Change, Impact, and Meaningful Work.


Alexander Golding
Social Enterprise Consultant

Holly Nelson
Digital Marketing Consultant

Phillip Higgins and Robert Aycock
Student Liaisons
Palm Beach Atlantic University