Aubrey Sibanyoni | Managing Director | Sakhiwe Capital Partners LLC

Aubrey Sibanyoni is an entrepreneur and co-founder of numerous investment platforms. He is an

experienced professional with over 14 years in private equity and corporate investment banking 

(CIB). His investment transactions exceeded $200 million and he covered various business 

sectors, including energy, telecom, agribusiness, consumer products, manufacturing, 

transportation, healthcare, maritime and logistics. Aubrey has an extensive business network that 

spans across North America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

Aubrey is currently managing a new investment and advisory firm called Sakhiwe Capital 

Partners, LLC, which is based in New York and does business in Africa. Sakhiwe Capital 

Partners (SCP) has brokered deals in agribusiness, real estate, infrastructure and transportation in 

Southern Africa. 

Prior to forming SCP, Aubrey joined ICON Investments, formerly known as ICON Capital, a 

$3.2 billion fund. As a senior director, he was responsible for deal origination, evaluation and 

execution and monitoring. He also structured convertible debt, debt instruments and mezzanine 

pieces and was instrumental in the formation of ICON’s Oil & Gas fund and CION fund in 

partnership with Apollo Investment Corporation, each totaling to a value of $200 million and $1 

billion, respectively. His transactions were in transportation, mining equipment leasing, 

manufacturing, agribusiness, oil and gas, maritime (shipping and logistics) and energy. 

Before ICON, Aubrey served as an energy advisor at Sithe Global, a Blackstone portfolio 

company. While there, he created a transaction pipeline of renewable energy products, including 

co-generation, solar and hydropower. He also liaised with governments on potential energy deals 

and monitored potential changes in regulatory laws within selected African nations. 

In addition to his work at Sithe Global, Aubrey co-founded Triussa Capital Investments, an 

Africa-focused investment advisory firm. As a managing partner he was responsible for business 

development and deal origination for investor clients on investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan 

Africa. Triussa Capital Investments advised clients on economic, geo-political, legal, 

compliance, tax structure and corporate social responsibility. Targeted sectors included 

manufacturing, agribusiness, Information Technology, transportation, healthcare, retail, upstream

mining services and energy in Southern Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

Aubrey spent seven years at Citigroup in New York and became the chief of staff in corporate 

investment banking under Global Transaction Services North America (GTS - NA), the group 

responsible for providing and managing cash, trade and securities for Fortune 500 

companies. Aubrey’s responsibilities included client management, retention, business 

development and product development. Under GTS, he managed strategy implementation and 

operations processes. He led a team of 84 within the North America GTS division, which 

increased its revenues from $2.1 billion to over $3 billion.

Aubrey earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from Zicklin School of 

Business at Baruch College in New York and earned his Associate of Arts degree from Borough 

of Manhattan Community College. Aubrey sits on the Board of Directors of Young Life –

Greater NY. He is a native of South Africa and has resided in New York City for over 24 years.