Jennifer Alfert, NCGC-II, MS | Founder and CEO | Jennifer Alfert Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Alfert, NCGC-II, MS of Jennifer Alfert Consulting, LLC is a therapist specializing in addictive disorders, personality issues, compulsive gambling and chemical dependency. Jennifer’s work focuses on the entire family system. Jennifer works with the identified patient in addition to family members. Jennifer and her clients work together formulating plans to achieve what they want to change in their lives. Additionally, Jennifer does work with larger populations by consulting for and doing group, individual and family therapy for a local accredited treatment center. 

Jennifer's clients have achieved long term success through the use of hand-tailored action plans, short and long-term goal setting, project specific work and assignments, and ongoing communication. This is a way to empower each person so they may gain the confidence, determination and perseverance needed to make the desired changes in their lives.

Jennifer holds her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Jennifer is also National Certified Gambling Counselor and is also certified to treat Compulsive Theft (including Employee), Spending and Hoarding. 

Prior to concentrating on chemical dependency and process addictions, Jennifer resided in Manhattan working for both start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Jennifer’s focus was on marketing, sales and new business development creating a highly versatile profile from how to garner new business, how to sustain a company and remain relevant while keeping true to one’s core values and purpose.