Philip Peters, CEO & Co-Founder CitiQuants; CEO Zagada Markets

Philip Peters has developed mastery in global economic and business development analytics. Fifty-three Fortune 500 companies and 17 countries use his research, advisory and strategic insights for expansion benchmarking, livability-quality of life analysis and talent sustainability competitiveness.Through his company – Zagada – he develops meta-strategies, innovative concepts and data-driven modeling to help reposition countries, cities and companies as conscious engagement partners. Key developments concepts he has modeled include: Story Study™, MetaCare™ , Digital GNP or (dGNP)™, Intrinsic Assets™, and Cultural Domain Acuity Model (CDAM)™. 

Through his spin off company – CitiQuants he’s authored the Data Driven Economic Development (DDED)™ publisher - tool to drive the CitiQuants platform. With his CitiQuants initiative, Peters promises to shift economic development thinking from the established tax “incentive program” model – with its huge social costs on communities to a data-driven “intrinsic asset” model that emphasizes effectively positioning a city’s or community natural strengths such as talent, quality of life, livability and costs or value competitiveness.

Over the last decade Peters been writer and chief analyst on fourteen global research reports on the impact of service globalization sourcing in the Caribbean, Central and Latin America, India, the Philippines and the fourteen countries across the Central European region. He’s author of 4 books and is schedule to complete his fifth – “Q” for Qualductivity – a book focusing on passion-aligned  work (new agency) as our new psychic preoccupation. 

Some of his key awards and recognition include: appointed High Level Advisor to the United Nations Global Alliance for Information Communication and Technology (UN GAID) in 2009; appointed trade correspondent (honorary attaché) for the Caribbean (CARICOM) Export; invited to the White House in recognition of his book Caribbean WOW 2.0’s impact in informing the U.S Congress’s deliberation on passage of the month of June, as Caribbean-American  Heritage Month. Peters also won a Carnegie Mellon University Phd Summer Graduate Fellow in Econometrics.