Sharon Quercioli | Founder and CEO | Sprouts! Inc.


A native Ohioan and long-time West Palm Beach resident, is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 20 years in the recycling industry. The former Vice President of Static Control Components, Inc. and four-time president of her own companies, Quercioli is widely recognized as a marketing expert and has consulted with numerous companies across the United States.

In 2004, Sharon founded Sprouts, Inc., an innovative company that uses 100% recycled paper embedded with flower seeds to create a diverse array of eco-friendly products including greeting cards, bookmarks and unique marketing pieces that grow flowers when planted. She embarked on her new venture with a clear vision: To build a successful environmentally conscious company while providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service. Since 2004, Sprouts! has grown into a vibrant company. Sharon contributes this success to hard work, a great product,  and by staying true to her vision. In 2009, Sprouts!, Inc. was named Small Business of the Year by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, and in 2010 the company received recognition by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce for being one of the leading small businesses in the country.

Sharon believes in giving back to the community as well as the planet. She is actively involved in many charities, the North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, spearheads the CEO Connection and Small Business of the Year, and serves on the Small Business Council and Women in Business Council and has spearheaded numerous recycling efforts. Sharon views Sprouts! as a platform to share an environmental message with the community.

To further her commitment to the environment, Sharon also co-founded and serves as president of Our Wonderful World Media & Entertainment, Inc., “The Art of Living Green,” a cutting-edge digital publishing company dedicated to helping all of us to live healthier, happier, greener lives that bring us into harmony with each other and our beautiful planet. In 2012, Sharon was named Woman of the Year by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.